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Data Acquisition
« on: April 25, 2013, 03:28:35 PM »
DiscoveryParts @ Atlanta Motorsports Park
GPS address 20 Duck Thurmond Rd. Dawsonville Ga 30534
Data Acquisition 101
  Why would I want Data Acquisition?
Data Acquisition is a great learning tool that lets a drivers use information from one session (control) vs another session (test) to see where the difference lies. Data acquisition can be as simple a a Robic Stopwatch to an AIM Pista & Smartycam or Traqamate Traqdash Setup. If you want to go faster, data acquisition is the proven most cost effective way to reduce your lap times.
Data Acquisition 101
Data Options
Special Deals
Happy 12th Max!
Data Acquisition Options
Robic Lap Timers

The old reliable! Mounted to the steering wheel by a wire tie or in the hand of your trusty crew member on the pit wall, Robic timers have been the industry standard for more years than anything else.
Our Price: From $31.95

New GoPro Hero HD3

Smaller, Lighter...Better. Weighing in at a scant 2.6 ounces, the HERO3: Black Edition is 25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models.
HERO3: Black Edition Camera  
197\'/ 60m Waterproof Housing  
Wi-Fi Remote + Key Ring  
Remote Charging Cable  
 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
QR Buckle  
J-Hook Buckle  
3-Way Pivot  
1 Curved Adhesive Mount  
1 Flat Adhesive Mount  
Assorted Mounts and Hardware  
USB Charging Cable

Our Price:  $399.99

TraqMate TrackDash
Traqmate\'s new TraqDash color touchscreen display unit is extremely easy to use and read. This complete track-ready setup includes everything you need to Learn to Go Faster!
With over 300 pre-programmed track Start/Finishes you will never have to worry. Simply turn on the TraqDash and it knows exactly where you are and sets the track for you. Easy. Click on the dash for more and more and more information on our #1 seller.  
Our Price:
$799.00 Upgrade or $1499.00 System
TraqDash Complete Sale Price: $1499.00 -12%=$1319.12
-$150 Rebate
Through Sunday Night: $1169.12

Hotlap LTI System

So simple! Set it and forget it, just like the food dehydrator on late night infomercials. The Hotlap uses a beacon (transmitter) you place on the pit wall and a receiver in the car that connects to a display to show and track lap times
Our Price:
From $279.95  
 AIM Solo GPS      

The new kid on the block, from one of the most respected names in data shows up feature packed and ready. Want the times of your static lap (last completed lap), or Predictive Lap and more graphs than what a MIT student would like to see, this is it. Just released and breaking the rules on what a sub $500 system can do. Have an OBD-2 port or can bus? Now things get interesting...
Our Price: From $399.99

AIM MXL Pista Dash

The gold standard in data for the most years. Used in almost every Grand-Am, World Challenge, Trans-Am and more dedicated track only cars than anything else. Data, Data, and more Data is available with inputs available as simple as rpm or as intense as independent shock travel. Watch any in car videos of professional race car teams and you are likely to see this dash.  Easy. Click on the dash for more and more and more information on our #1 seller.

Our Price:
Limited Time Deals
Video Module  
So you have a Traqmate and want full RePlay Contour XD or GOPro Hero/Hero2 integration of your video and data? Well, here it is.

Our Price:

Traqmate Rebate For ALL

Is your name Jim or maybe you\'ve moved and can\'t find your Traqmate TrackDash in your storage or the new house, or are you one of the smartest money conscious racers we have? (You know who you are.)
 Discoveryparts has rebates of up to $200 available on some of our best selling Traqmate systems and upgrades. Stack your 12% discount and then mail in the rebate for \"Max\" savings    
Closeout Deals For Everyone!  
Was it a showroom display, last year\'s style or color or did we just buy way too much? Save up to 50% off on some great gear. Once they are gone, they are gone. But keep checking as we continuously add items in our incredible closeout corner.  Closeout gear from Bell, Alpinestars, G-Force, Longacre and more is one click away.  
Awesome Place To Work

Could there be a better view as you walk (or ride) into work every morning than this? Well, maybe only if you were really there, like when Ron was 18 in the US Army stationed in Giessen, W. Germany and for his 40th birthday at Nurburgring
Where are you at?

DiscoveryParts world headquarters is located on the front straight of Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP). AMP is a 2-mile road course with extreme elevation changes, technical course layout, and high speed straights designed by famed Formula One architect, Hermann Tilke. If you can find the men\'s room (left building ) you can find us.

 80 Joe Lane Cox Dr E-2 Dawsonville Ga 30534
OR GPS 20 Duck Thurmond Dawsonville Ga 30534
Does Ron Still Hold The Track Record?
(most laps on a bicycle)

Off Certificate
Save 12% @ www.Discoveryparts.com
On most items! Save some racing budget money as we eat cake (glutten free of course) celebrating Max \"The Hammer\" \'s big day.    
Valid till Midnight 04-28-2012 use Code: \"Happy BirFday Max!\"
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