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Good Morning everyone my names Andrew, just got out the US Army recently and am living and working here in CSRA, hope to be a part of the local events and enjoy the forums.

My current rides are:

2jzgte swapped 93 Mazda rx7--track car
95 "Jspec" Mazda rx7--show/weekend car
04 Mazda rx8--kid and wife mobile lol
1978 Datsun 280z--Current DD til other cars arrive from Germany

I am into many different aspects of car living but over all I just love cars and tracking anyway here some pics hope to hear from yall soo.

Welcome! Very nice rides! Hope to see you out and about. Check the local events section for upcoming events.

Very nice rides! Welcome to the forums. This area has a lot of military personell retired and active. A lot of this area's acceptance of ALL types of vehicles comes from the diversity we've seen by having people living here that have been all over the world.

thanks guys ill be sure to check the events section I have a couple friends that race the tracks in ATL, but I also wanted to be more involved with the community here. Since I been here I seen some nice rides and now that I picked up this Datsun ill tr to get out a little more until my other babies get here. Couple of questions if anyone can answer what local shops are in the area, and where's the best place to purchase a LSx engine from here "been in Germany last six years so a lot has changed". If any events or meets are going on please feel free to hit me up and let me know via pm or email.

thanks 8)

Andrew, your best bet from what I'm told is Vengeance Racing in ATL on the LSX motor, swap mounts, etc... Maybe someone else can chime in. We were booming several years ago with performance shops in the area and when the economy tanked, a lot of doors closed. Hopefully this will change in the near future.


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