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The Ride that was meant to be: April ROTM



Carlos originally purchased this clean ’91 MR2 in 2003 with intentions of building it for himself. He was searching for a hard-top car with no abs and no power steering. With the help of Emilio Perez, they removed the engine and replaced it with a turbo motor from a Gen3. During the swap, a deal was struck and it was sold to one of his friends, Seth Gibson. Seth stepped in and immediately asked Carlos and Emilio to upgrade the intercooler while they were at it, to a Spearco unit. During Seth’s ownership of the MR2, he painted the car an Acura RSX magnesium gray metallic color and swapped the brakes system out for a turbo coupe slotted disc setup and beefier calipers.

Hitting the fast forward button to 2012, as life would have it Carlos worked out a deal with Seth on a trade for a gen4 Supra he owned plus cash, and he ended up with ownership of the MR2 for the second time. His intentions this time around were not to keep it but to sell it in order to fund CNC equipment for his shop. So, the car with much heartbreak was sold to Chris from Texas. During Chris’ ownership of the car, he completed more work and upgrades on the MR2. After driving the car for months, Chris decided to move on to another project and the car was once again up for sale. He contacted Carlos to let him know. By now, as you can see, the magnetic pull of this Toyota to Carlos’ heart-strings couldn’t let him pass the opportunity up. Carlos’ intentions this time were to keep it! After working out a deal with Chris and getting the logistics sorted out, the MR2 was loaded up on a car carrier headed back to Aiken, SC.

Carlos has owned many MR2's over the years but this one is by a long shot is his favorite. He would like to give credit to Seth Gibson and Emilio Perez for their time and effort and dedication in this car over the years Seth owned it. He’d also like to give Chris from Texas credit for the Corbeau seat upgrade, aluminum pedals, all poly suspension bushings, adjustable struts, trick custom shifter bezel, and the attention to detail with small but awesome cosmetic things like the Lexus door latches, Momo steering wheel, super clean relocation of the cruise controls to the steering column, and the MR2 stitching on the new floor mats.

The MR2 is now his daily driver which he puts roughly 80-100 miles a day on, and he loves every bit of the driving experience.
The car has been strapped to the dyno with a borrowed Blitz ECU and put down 312HP to the rear wheels. It’s currently on the stock ECU and he hopes to hit the dyno with it again sometime soon for a baseline.
As far as future upgrades go for the MR2, the only thing he’d really like to do is to tune the car with a custom map, so he can have the reliability of the stock computer, while enjoying the grins from the performance capabilities of the custom turbo tune. If the turbo gives out, you’ll probably see it replaced with a Precision 6265, a nice SS header, and a Precision 46mm waste-gate, but those are way in the future plans. He’s just enjoying having it back in his possession. (Obviously the place it belongs)

Below is a breakdown of the ‘91 build and upgrades:
- 91 Hard-top painted Acura RSX Magnesium Gray Metallic
- Gen3 turbo swap
- Spearco Intercooler kit
- Blitz NUR Spec SS exhaust
- 3" down pipe
- ACT Clutch, Pressure Plate and aluminum flywheel
- Custom K&N intake
- Aluminum Radiator
- HP Wheels F  18x8  R 18x9
- Tires  GForce F 215/35 R 245/35
- Lowering Springs with adjustable shocks
- Turbo Calipers with crossed drilled rotors
- TRD short shifter
- Auto-Meter Boost and EGT gauge
- 94 rear wing and tail lights
- JDM fog lights
- JDM front corner light
- Turbo trunk lid
- Turbo seats
- Turbo sway bars
- Corbeau Seats
- Aluminum pedals
- MOMO steering wheel
- Gator performance axles

Nice pics!

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Thanks man

nice car

That last pic looks like you are plating with a HUGE remote controlled car.


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