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Hi, I'm pretty new to the car scene. I haven't been very social with it.

I'm looking to get into autocross or amateur road racing. I started the /r/GripAlliance subreddit and I hope to make it into an actual club for modified entry level rwd cars that aren't drift sluts.

You may have seen me testing my 240sx in the past few months. It's like North Augusta has been my LeMons course. I got it stock in 2010, but I only recently got the swap rolling. It's still a little ratchet, but I'm working on it and it's very nice considering it's a 240sx owned by a 20 something year old. I'm currently working on ducting and heat issues. It sould be a nice ride after I get the rest of the suspension stuff.

97 240sx se
SR20DET from 94-98 180sx "Black Top"
2871r @ 18lb
ssqv bov
z32 MAFs
550cc injectors
front mount
ROM tune
10.28 lbs flywheel
aluminum one piece driveshaft
1.5 way clutch pack differential
225 front 235 rear
Stock suspension.
Unequal length ss tubular turbo manifold. Test pipe. 3'' with resonator and muffler.
Trunk drycell.

I think rotories are cool. Turbos are cool. Muscle cars are cool. I haven't devoloped a taste for anything else yet.

Very nice! Good luck with your project.

Welcome Mario... Might want to relocate your LeMans track to a more remote area. North Augusta is tight on law enforcement.. :)

Good luck with the project and your goals with amateur road racing. I'd recommend starting out with autocross to get the balance of the car down and then moving in to road racing. Have you ever been to Road Atlanta? Lot of events rolling around since summer is right around the corner.


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