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Author Topic: Saturday June 7th - Take your PICK!  (Read 3644 times)

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« on: June 05, 2014, 03:30:15 AM »


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Saturday June 7th - Take your PICK!
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:30:15 AM »
So this weekend you can have your cake and eat it too. So many events and happenings going on around the CSRA. What events will YOU be attending?

1. Coffee and Cars Augusta 7am-10am (Carolina Pottery Barn Parking lot) Washington Rd.
2. Ponies in the Park - Evans Town Center 8am-4pm
3. Aiken Horsepower Association - Cruise-in (Aiken) 6pm-8pm HomeDepot
4. SnoCap (Evening) 6-8
5. Sunday Grudge Racing at the House of Hook 1pm-5pm

ALSO... Don't forget about the car show at "FIRST FRIDAY" in the Commons downtown from 6pm-9pm on Friday night!

The SnoCap meet last weekend was cancelled due to rain and rescheduled for this Saturday. "TIMING"
Please see this post below and share to rally the troops to try giving Levi a memorable day in this most trying time of his young life.

This is a post from the Aiken Horsepower Facebook page... If you have the chance Saturday evening, come out to the SnoCap to support this young man and his grieving family.

This request was sent to us today, and we would love for our Horsepower members to attend this young boy's birthday party. His whole world is turned upside down, and giving him a little joy would just be the best thing we could all do. Manny and I will most definitely be there and hope you can all make it. I copied and pasted his request, it is below.

Last week my wife's cousin Regina Allen was tragically killed in a motorcycle incident in Hooters Parking lot. You may know about this from the local news outlets. As a divorced mom, she leaves behind a 13 year old son with Autism. This week is going to be very trying for Levi as we have to take him to the funeral Home tonight, and the funeral tomorrow. Levi does not quite understand yet that his mom, his whole world, is not coming home.
This coming Saturday is his 14th birthday and keeping with tradition, our family is hosting a birthday party for him. Let me pause for a moment and say this, wrestling, classic cars, golf carts, and being in the water are his main interests. He relayed to me that the three things he wants for his birthday are 1) A Folly Beach t shirt which I have one on the way overnights, three wrestling action figures which I will pick up at Toy R Us, and a super soaker water toy which I will get at Wal Mart. Another wish he relayed to me which was not a gift, more of a request and that was to go to Sno Cap where the "cool cars meet". Being autistic, Levi went as far as to tell me what he wanted to eat and what he wanted on it.
My request is for you to remember little Levi in your prayers, the family's involved, and the court system as details about his future are decided.
Next, if have a few minutes to spare, we will be at the Sno Cap from 4-6 this coming Saturday for a birthday celebration, will you please swing by in your car? I have arranged for a few semi pro wrestlers to be there a rat 5:00 to give Levi his requested action figures. I'm trying to make the best of the worst possible situation ever. Having cars to look at, and new friends to meet, is something this young man will remember for years to come and if you tell him your name, the next time he sees you in a crowd, he will remember you and your name.
God bless everyone in this club and hold your family just a little tighter than yesterday!
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