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Extra Life 2014


WB Jon:
Hey folks. Im doing my ramp up to Extra Life. This is a charity event that happens on 25OCT this year where my team and I will be staying awake for 24 hours playing games of all kinds to raise money for The Children's Miracle Network. Most of our players raise for the Children's Hostpital of Georgia (the one downtown Augusta). All of the money raised will go to kids in need of help with a variety of health needs.

Im looking for donations and for new members to our team.

Below it the link to my personal donation page. You can learn more about the charity from this link as well.

As an incentive Im willing to cut vinyl decals and make custom buttons (1in in size). I've been making vinyl decals and signs for a few years now. For this event I usually stick to video game related items but I will make whatever Im capable to help make my goals.

Our team has been featured on Channel 12 News (WRDW) for 2yrs running, Fox 54 and on the front page of the Metro in the Augusta Chronicle. We are trying to break our high score from last year and could use all the help to do it.

Good luck! I have been following you the last 2 years, great job!

WB Jon:

--- Quote from: 02JEEPX on August 28, 2014, 09:30:09 AM ---Good luck! I have been following you the last 2 years, great job!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Randal! We seem to raise slightly more funds every year. Im hoping to be able to keep to that tradition this year but with the ALS ice bucket challenge recently its been difficult. Im about a 3rd of the way to my personal goal and the team as a whole is about a 7th of the way in. We have a long way to go but plenty of time left to campaign.


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