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2012 Vacation fishing trip
« on: April 10, 2012, 11:45:34 AM »
So we got outta town last week to avoid some of the crazy and went to Cross, SC to Blacks Fish Camp on the diversion canal in the area known as \"Sante\" or \"Sante-Cooper\" and hired a guide to take us out and put us on some catfish. We caught 7 fish in 3 hours and decided to come back since my Mother-in-law\'s health isn\'t so good. I would have totally stayed the whole night but it was epic none the less. Here are a couple of pics of some of the Cats we got - fully representing the 3 present in the area Flathead, AK Blue, and Channel catfish.

First fish on! at the back of the boat with Grandma Eleanor, she called my daughter Mary Faye over to help her get it in and it was all Eleanor could do to hold and pull in the poll while MF did her best to reel when
 she could.

and that\'s a 25lb Flathead cat. Capt Brian held the fish, MF said she was a little tired from the fight  ;)

Next fish on was for me and i can\'t say i have ever felt this kind of pull before.

\"So he just peeled about 15-20\' of line, is that ok?\"
 \"So don\'t crank or fight him just wait him out?\"

\"He just got 20\' more, and another 10\'. Are you sure?\"
---this feels like i am trying to drag 2 will cinder bloks through 6\" of red clay on the end of this pole and then it just peels line in a straight lunge-----

Ten long minutes later and my arm is screaming

a flash of SOMETHING LIVING gives me enouh to wait this guy out and grin while he rips off another 20\' of line.

and then finally he seems to have had enough

on the deck

my arms don\'t want to work right

but my smile works great for days afterwards..... 50lbs 5oz

My wife Margaret brings a \"normal\" one in

Father in Law James is hooked up

uses the \"fishing photo trick\" bring it out in front of you so it looks even bigger!

Margaret bringing in another one!

Nice Channel

A nice blue

There is some more room in this cooler.......

At least enough for this guy

We had such a great time last week, we did go out in the little boat ourselves and caught some nice Shellcracker and on Saturday there was a Bass tournament. I was talking to the organizers and i wanted to know what happened to the caught Bass and he said it was all catch and release unless the fish died. Well when the tournment was over he told me to go get 3 fish that did not make it back alive and the angler\'s left them for whoevr so went and cleaned a 7ln10oz largemouth and 2 others one was about 4 and a half and the other a big 5. Can you say no to huge beautiful free bass fillets?

I brought home over 60lbs of pure meat, can\'t wait to fry some up tonight!

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Re: 2012 Vacation fishing trip
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wow very cool!
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Re: 2012 Vacation fishing trip
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Looks like a great time was had by all!
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Re: 2012 Vacation fishing trip
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Cool stuff. Glad you guys had fun!


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