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Pankeyk\'s 1989 Si:

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How it looked when I got it:

Not long after I replaced all damaged exterior items with what I had.

Then picked up some coil over sleeves, new wheels (chrome because I\'m different) and a few more goodies.

Picked up some fenders due to the ones that came on it were cut and then rolled and pulled. Also got a hood from a pal. (one that was passed around town like crazy) Also made a skid plate

Then exterior was sprayed a mocha color. All bumpers, moldings and etc were sprayed black. :)

Modified the shocks up front, dropped my coils all the way down and had a-arm clearance issues. So the shock towers were cut, raised, welded then glazed.

Now the car sits while I finish up the wire tuck and then it goes in the shop for prepping and painting of the bay.

Just to show an idea of how it\'s going to look (minus the color) here is my bay from my old car.


After: (I did everything but lay the paint and make the custom intake)

Coming along nicely. Almost motivates me to work on my civic

I haven\'t even seen your civic since you use to come out to Sonic!


Custom 1.5\" extended top hats. almost to the point where the bay can be prepped and painted.


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