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Title: 1993 240sx hatch
Post by: E36prick on December 20, 2012, 03:00:25 PM
Hey guys i\'m moving and need to get rid of my rides. i have a 1993 240sx hatch with power accessories that i\'ve been working on but no longer have time for since i\'m supposed to be leaving by christmas the west coast. the car is in mostly clean shape, frame rails and fenders have 0% rust on them and are all straight. as it sits now i have a little over 4k tied into the motor and accessories  but i\'m asking 2500 to get me started on my little journey. i hate selling it as i just picked up the shell, but i\'m not driving out there and my roomates aren\'t going to do anything with her. so here it is SR20det red top with Megan tubular manifold, isis SS coolant lines to replace the old hard lines, custom coolant pipe to remove the \"snake hose\" behind the head. S14 water neck, again to remove coolant running behind the head. Cusco coil overs, commetics head gasket, new rings and lifters, cams, sprockets. Megan strut tower bars, GodSpeed sways. Walboror 255gph fuel pump, CXRacing aluminum radiator as well as a CXRacing front mount kit. it is going to need some TLC which i had in mind when i bought it but it does run and is reliable, never overheated and the car ran strong on stock psi. i don\'t have any pictures of it yet since my garage is WAY too small but if you\'re interested give me a call and i\'ll be glad to show her to you.

Title: 1993 240sx hatch
Post by: E36prick on December 20, 2012, 03:38:01 PM
actually i also have a 93 honda civic dx 1.5 5sp. get\'s approximately 30mpg could use a tune up i\'m sure. if someone knows anyone looking for one of those too, same thing just shoot me a line i\'m looking for 1500 on her. but if you guys go double i\'ll take 3200 for both :) saves me time and the hassle. thanks guys.