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Title: Santa letters
Post by: 02JEEPX on November 23, 2012, 10:33:23 AM
Posting this for a friend of mine who does letters, appearances, etc..

To order a Santa letter get in touch with me.  You can call me at 706 831-3598 cell or 706 650-7764 hm.  (see how I trust you guys. I put my home phone number in the email.)  or you can email me.  kmoore70@comcast.net or ken@kenmooreproductions.com .  (or just hit reply to this email)
Then the information I need is:
1) is it going to a boy, girl, man, or woman.  Their age within a year or two if itís a boy or girl.
2) the complete address where it is to go including zip code.
3) Their full formal name ( like Kenneth Moore.  This will go on the envelope.)
4) The name they go by ( Ken, Kenny, worm, whatever.  This will go in the letter)
5) Any special message you would like Santa to give.
The next big question I got was how to pay me.  I like this one.  The answer is any way you can.  If you are going to see me just pay me then.  If not and you would like to send me a check sent it to ma at
4068 Harden St
Martinez, Georgia 30907
I do have a pay pal account if you would like to send it that way.  You would send it to kmoore70@comcast.net.
As I said in the first email,ĒGet the letter ordered, then worry about paying.  If paying is not in the budget right now, oh well.  Merry Christmas.
Itís fun to get a letter from the big man at the North Pole so donít miss out.  The only thing that should keep you from sending or getting a letter is being number 141.  I only have 140 stamps and that will be all I can do.
I hope you are all having a fantastic Thanksgiving Day.
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