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Title: Conti Promo Captures Consumers' 'Need for Speed'
Post by: 02JEEPX on March 11, 2014, 03:48:36 PM

Continental Tire the Americas' newest promotion pairs the tiremaker with DreamWorks Studios newest film, Need For Speed. Now through April 4, consumers who purchase four passenger or light truck tires for a total of $499 or more will receive an iON Air Pro WiFi Lite-Camera or a $70 VISA gift card.
Continental’s ExtremeContact DW tire from Continental’s line of ultra-high performance tires, outfits the Torino driven by Aaron Paul’s character, Toby Marshall. The ExtremeContact line is also represented on Koenigsegg’s, Bugatti’s, Saleen S7’s, Spano’s and McLaren’s throughout the movie.
Continental’s ContiSportContact 3 and 5P tires are also featured throughout the movie on several Mustangs, including the new 2015 Ford Mustang. Continental Tire’s CrossContact LX20, a premium SUV, crossover and light truck all-season tire, can also be seen on a Chevrolet truck. Lastly, Continental’s newest luxury and all-season tire, the PureContact, shoes the Dodge Charger police cars.