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Title: Michelin to Take Consumers on Treasure Hunt
Post by: 02JEEPX on August 07, 2014, 10:22:10 AM
One hundred and twenty five years have passed since, Édouard Michelin took over a factory in Clermont Ferrand, France and renamed it Michelin et Cie. As part of its anniversary celebrations the tiremaker is asking consumers to take part in a treasure hunt across the United States.Image converted using ifftoany

Michelin will utilize geocaching, outdoor treasure hinting in which participants use GPS-enabled devices to find a specific location, to give away its prizes. The treasure hunt will commence in September when 1,600 Bibendum shaped tire pressure gauges will be hidden across the country. Adventure seekers will be invited to navigate to locations where these caches are hidden.

Participants are requested to take a photo of their Michelin Man tire gauges to share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag – #MichelinQuest – in order to win prizes. The best 10 photos demonstrating “the spirit of adventure and the importance of mobility” will win a set of Michelin tires.

Those interested in participating should create an account on Geocaching.com and follow @MichelinUSA on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. More information will be available at Michelin.geocaching.com.
Title: Re: Michelin to Take Consumers on Treasure Hunt
Post by: 02JEEPX on September 12, 2014, 04:30:07 PM
In 1889, brothers Édouard and Andre Michelin founded the French tire company Michelin. To commemorate its 125th anniversary, Michelin North America is encouraging people to embark on a quest for the Michelin Man and other prizes.

The contest, called “Michelin’s Quest for Adventure,” is being conducted with Geocaching – a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Michelin will award prizes to individuals who find one of nearly 1,500 Michelin Man tire pressure gauges hidden across the U.S. and who then share a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the campaign’s hashtag #MichelinQuest.

To participate, users can create a free account on Geocaching.com, and use a GPS device or smartphone and navigate to a hidden Michelin Man tire gauge in a geocache nearby.

The photos with the most likes on Michelin North America’s Facebook page will win the opportunity to choose between two grand prize experiences. The first is a fine dining experience at the exclusive gala to celebrate the release of the Michelin Guide in New York City, San Francisco or Chicago. The second choice is to attend one of the inaugural Formula E races in either Miami or Los Angeles.

The 10 best photos will also win a set of Michelin passenger car or light truck tires.

The contest runs from Sept. 8 to Dec. 31. For complete details visit, along with contest rules, visit michelin.geocaching.com.