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Title: [Restorations & Refinishes] Pic Heavy!!!
Post by: DGibb on March 07, 2012, 09:10:23 PM
Sampling of my works I can consolidate into a single thread:

Right now I work exclusively with DuraCoat. In the near future I will be trying my hand at CereKote - working on finding room in my work area to get a table top oven set up.

Para Ordnance LTC 9mm (Shaved Makers Mark)


Ruger Mark II  (restored for my pastor, whom is a retired US Army veteran. We also added some Hogue Wrap Grips and a fiber optic front sight as a surprise!)

- Was not cleaned in roughly 10 years
- Was in a flooded basement


And one of my newest projects. Once again a restoration free of charge for a co-worker who I have known for 10 something years. Good guy, but does not have a lot of money. I just got this tonight so as of right now cleaning it up prior to prep is the name of the game.

I plan to add some nice rubber grips, a carry case, a new holster, and a box of ammo. (he gave it to me in a ratty nylon holster) as a surprise

Charter Arms .38


Will update as I have more pics to post.
Title: Re: [Restorations & Refinishes] Pic Heavy!!!
Post by: lethalmoto on March 09, 2012, 08:46:53 PM
Looks good. I have a older 22 rifle I may want you to refinish