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Title: retro a driveshaft into the 240
Post by: TERINASSydwayz on April 24, 2012, 12:02:06 PM
So for S\'s and G\'s i want to know what you guys think about this: I found 2 pretty nice condition driveshafts in the JY today, one was AL 1pc and \"POLICE\" was sprayed on it - i\'m thinking Crown Vic possibly since it was in the domestic ford area and the other was laying in the import area - it was about 6-8\" x5.5\' and was CF with spicer joints.

So i would normally not be looking at driveshafts but these were just pretty much laying around and it did get me wondering about test fitting the AL one to an s13 in the JY for a rough measuring and then investigating $ on getting the u joints mod/replaced and of course the CF i can\'t quit thinking about and i might just buy it for the hell of it so i have 5\' of tube laying around for whatever since i really have no idea if it could be put to use.

BTW i have an s14 with abs and the stock 2pc anchor of turds DS. mods are minimal - stock KA, intake, exhaust, light flywheel, competition clutch stg 2 kit, nismo 2 way diff, springs eibach, kyb agx\'s, susp arms, poly bush\'s, braces, r33 gtst brakes, ricer gutted, It is down right now waiting on tuneup/refresh/timing/clutch moneis and i will use it to slide @ local practices once or twice a yeara nd would like to get out and do a road/HPDE event in the next 2 years.

Thanks fellow nerds!
and when you measure a DS you measure from the tip of the yoke to the very back bracket correct   ?
Title: Re: retro a driveshaft into the 240
Post by: Rican240sx on April 24, 2012, 01:04:25 PM
THis is the proper way to measure.. at least how i\'ve always done it